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VITU V2 SP7731C 6.0 Firmware Flash File Free

Vitu V2 Firmware Flash File Free Download

Vitu V2 Customer Care FIRMWARE Without Password


Vitu V2 Firmware Flash File Free Download


Device Brand : Vitu V2
Device Model : sp7731c_1h10_32v4
Device CPU : sp7731ceb
Device IntName : sp7731c_1h10_32v4_oversea
Device Version : 6.0
Device Compile : 2/9/2015 4:06:22 AM
Device Project : MRA58K release-keys
Device ExtInfo : V2


On this page, you will find the official link to download VITU V2 6.0 Firmware ROM (flash file) on your Computer. The Firmware comes in a zip package, which contains Flash File, Flash Tool, USB Driver and How-to Flash Instruction Manual.

The firmware of VITU V2 shared on this page is officially released by the company and helps you to recover your device if you ever got bootloop, software error, update error, hanging and dead issue. With this firmware you also can dead boot recovery, bypass frp, lcd fix, camera fix and monkey virus clean.

Before flashing your VITU V2 take a backup of everything as because your personal data will be deleted after flashing the stock firmware.

How to Flash:

Download and extract the VITU V2 stock firmware package on your computer. Install the provided USB Driver on your Computer. Follow the How-to Flash Manual to Flash the Firmware on your VITU V2 Device.

This firmware provided for professional purposes only. Don’t try to flash your VITU V2 device at home without any training. Admin not responsible for any damage after flashing your device.

Check out our Firmware Section.

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